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Flas Ltd.


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Geza Sebe


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2.   ACCEPTION and DURATION of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


The preconditions of the usage of the upwards mentioned online store is, that the user accepts the Terms and Conditions and this hereby stated Privacy Policy. We qualify the registration on the webshop and/or the signing up onto the newsletter of ours as the approval and acception of the preconditions. The webshop hereby states, that is not responsible for any inconvenience regarding the fact that the user gives false, defective or incomplete data. In case of proceeding an order via the webshop, the user must give us the access to the following  personal data: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. In case of the absence of any of the upward mentioned  data, our system is not able to accept and store the order. The webshop stores the upward mentioned data given at the point of the registration, and give access to those with the users e-mail address and password. As the user signs in with the e-mail address and the password, he is able to modify or delete the given personal details. All of the data stated on the already generated Invoice are not able to be modified.

The online store hereby claims, that it reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy partly or in total at any time. The modificated parts are effective from the minute of the disclosure. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are effective until the webshop provider provides the service. The webshop reserves the right to modify the prices at any time, although, hereby claims that none of the modifications affects the already proceeded orders.



  To be able to proceed an order on the webshop, and to  be able to receive and ship the parcels ordered, and to create the Invoice, the customer must be a registered user and agree to share all of the data mentioned previously in this document, and also accept the linked documents.

Only users that have been validly registrated are able to proceed an order via the Webshop. The data provision by the users according to the registration, newsletter subscription and the order procession itself is volunteer. The correction of the data can be checked at any time before confiming the order. After proceeding the order the customer is not able to modify any of the given data.

The hereby claims to storage, archive and manage  the given data confidentially, and  according to the existing legal acts, do not forward it to any of the third party authitenticators. Data that is necessary to be able to deliver the parcel are exceptions. The customer agrees with the beforehand mentioned with proceeding the parcel.

The Provider reserves the right to involve a data manager, regarding the management of  informatical system, the procession of orders, and accountancy (e.g. accountant, delivery system, system manager).


Information of companies that have access to any of the data storaged:






2. Európa St. 2351 Alsónémedi, HU

delivery system

Pannon Set

165. Hrivnák P. St. 1237 Bp., HU

webshop provider

Pannon Set

165. Hrivnák P. St. 1237 Bp., HU

server manager

Flas Ltd.

6. Csikós St. 1033 Bp., HU

server manager


During the registration process the Webshop requires the following personal data if the User: the name of the user,  password (one-way coded),  e-mail address, gender, address, telephone number. To be able to deliver thr ordered goods, the Webshop shares the following data with the delivery system: consignee name (from the delivery address), company address ( if it is given), full delivery address, in case of payment on delivery, the payable fee,the telephone number of the receiver/consignee. The FLAS Ltd. only requires personal data that is compulsory and neccersary during the process the order, and the regarding the delivery.


The data given by the registrated user can be modified via the Webshop-site, or even can delete it. The following maked exceptions: custom ID (e-mail address).

 The data supply of the users of Webshop is volunteer, and is lying on the correct information providing of the Webshop. The statement includes the direct approval of the user fot the usage, storage and management of the data given during the registration when using the website.


 The legal basis of the data management is the point a.) , §5 of the  Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination including the affected peronnels volunteer approval. The approval of the customer is given for the data management of the certain personal data with the registration and with the usage of the Webshop, and with providing the personal informations required during the registrational process.

The personal data given during the registrational process is starting at the point of the registration and durates until the point of the deletion of the registration.


The customer is able to delete the registration in the My Profile point of the menu on the website, and can also request via email. The deletion is not including data that is compulsory being storage according the existing legal acts. The exceptional data is being storage and managed until the duration stated in the legal act. The owner and provider of the Webshop is the FLAS Ltd. The FLAS Ltd. hereby gives information on its data management principles. This principles are formulated and being observed by the FLAS Ltd. as data provider.

 Our data management principles are coordinated with all of the effective legal acts, especially the acts of the  Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination.

The FLAS Ltd. has a data protection conception that is based on the correct and neccersry information providing and on volunteer data providing. The FLAS Ltd. hereby claims to bring these points into effect at all point of the process.

 The FÉAS Ltd. is dedicated in protecting the users personal data, and consider it really important to respect the users rights to  informational self-determination. The personal data of the users are being managed confidentially, and provides all technical and organizational steps that guarantee the secure of the personal data.

Data management identificational number (NAIH):  NAIH-65018/2013.

The FLAS Ltd. claims, that do not sends any kind of spam emails for those who have registered or subscribed. The registered users are only receiving letters that are compulsory for registration and the ordering procedure.

The hereby claims that occasionally sends newsletters, including the seasonal promotions and other informations regarding the actual details of the Webshop.

The newsletter of is only being sent to does who have subscribed. The subscribed readers are able to unsubscribed from the newsletter at anytime.




The FLAS Ltd. hereby claims, that only sends newletter, promotions and advertisements for those, who have previously registered their e-mail address, and agreed to receive the mentioned mails regarding the existing legal acts.

The newsletter contains direct and active marketing items and includes advertisements. The Provider uses and manages the previously given data during the requisition of the Newsletter.

Regarding the service of the Newsletter the Flas LTD. uses and manages the data given at the point of subscription or registration until the user clicks the unsubscription button or request the unsubscription via email, post or telephone. The Unsubscription means to delete the requested email addres from our mailing list. In case of unsubscribing the FLAS Ltd. claims that is not sending any newsletter, promotions or deals  anymore to the affected personnel. The affected personal is able to unsubscribe for free at any time.




The affected personal has the right to receive information from the Provider, namely FLAS Ltd. regarding the storage and managed personal data, and is able to modify them anytime.

The FLAS Ltd. provides information on the managed data, the data processed by the Provider or by the company assigned, the source of the data, the aim of the data management, the legal basis, the duration, the name, address of the data manager, the direct tasks of the data manager, the circumstances of the data incident, and at last but not least, in case if forwarding the data to a third party authenticator, the legal basis of the data providing, and the consignee of the data providing.

The FLAS Ltd. provides the requested data in 30 Days from receiving the petition in a written form.


The affected personnel is able to practice his right via the following platform:

Postal address: Flas Ltd. 6. Csikos St. 1033 Budapest, HUNGARY


The affected personnel is able to modify or correct, or even delete any of the falsely or incorrectly given data. Parts of the required data can be modified by the user himself, in all other exceptional cases the FLAS Ltd. requires a petition from the affected personnel. The FLAS Ltd. deletes thr requested data in three day from the receivement of the petition, and the deleted data can not be restored anymore. The deletion is not including data required in the effective legal acts, such data neccersary for the accountancy. The Flas Ltd. claims to storage the mentioned data for the time required in the legal acts.


The affected personal is able to request the closure of his personal data. The FLAS Ltd. blocks the personal data in case the person requests, or in case that it can be assembled that de deletion of the data is harming the legal interests of the affected personel.

The personal data blocked this way can only be storaged and managed until the aim that justified that the deletion is against the affected personals legal interest is existing.

 The affected personel is able to protest against the management of his personal data. The FLAS Ltd hereby claims to investigate the protest  in the shortest time possible, counted from the receivment of the petition. The decision and outcome of the investigation is being send to the affected personal in a written form.


The affected personal is able to practice his rights based on the Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and the Civil Code  (V. Act of 2013.) through the following bodies:

-          the National Data Protectional and Informational Self-determination (22/c. Sziágyi Erzsébet Alley, 1125 Budapest, Hungary;  OR

-          Is able to practice his rights with juiducal processure


In case the user gives third party personal data during the registration, and/or causing any kind of damage during the usage the service of in any way, the Flas Ltd. is going to practice its rights and validate its right to receive compensation. The Flas Ltd. reserves the right to share any of the given personal data required by the entiteled bodies to identify the affected personnel  during the investigation.