Terms and Conditions


1. General

The following terms and conditions apply to all orders placed by the customer of the Devergo Official Webshop,hereinafter referred to as „Devergo”,”the web shop”,”us”,or „we”,at the Devergo website.

By using and ordering from the Webshop, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein. Please make sure that you have read and understand the hereby stated before placing your order.

The subject of this contract is each and every product being uploaded to the Webshop, and hereafter being offered to be sold.

Items found in Devergo stores but not being updated to the webshop are not able to be ordered throughout the webshop.

The products are being uploaded with pictures and sizes attached. The description (short and long) are also included. Prices can be different from the prices in the Devergo stores.

There is no minimum summation to be able to order.

The prices are brute prices, given in Hungarian forints. The prices including a discount are also brutto prices. Both given prices include the VAT.

Devergo Webshop wants to provide the best possible online shopping experience. To make this possible we need to be sure that our services run like a clockwork. You understand and agree to not to use any software,service,spiders,bots,crawlers or avatars , etc., or other contact to harm or negatively impact our business, products or services.


2. Registration and the management of personal data


1.) Registration

To be able to shop and order throughout the Webshop, you must need to register. This is a necessity for us to be able us to send you a receipt.The registration also makes the ordering method easier. You must give personal data and other personal information to make us able to proceed you a receipt, and deliver your parcel.

When register and joining the Devergo Official Website, you must give the required data to be able to order in the future.

Only persons 18 years or older, who are not under guardianship, and are not acting in a capacity of a company, with a residential address in any of the countries mentioned in he first attachment (1).

2.) Personal data

The given personal data could be changed before proceeding an order.

The first password is going to be generated by our system right after your registration. The costumer going to receive it in a confirmation email, and is able to change I tat anytime under the point of Personal data/Change password.

Personal data given and saved on the website is secured and devergo.com is liable for storage, managing and archiving all given data privately and not giving it to any unauthorized third parties. Devergo reserves the right to assign or pledge to third parties any claim(s) for payment including any payment installments which have arisen in connection with the delivery of goods.

The devergo.com is not responsible for any loss, delay or inconvenience raising from incorrectly given or expired personal data or delivery address.

Personal data stated on your receipt is not able to be modified anymore!

3.) Data required during the registration

The registration method requires the following personal data of the customer: username and password (one way-coded), electrical mailing address, telephone number. To be able to deliver the ordered goods, Devergo reserves the right to give the following personal information of yours to the delivery agency: your name, your mailing and/or delivery address, your telephone number, and other availabilities that makes the delivery faster and easier.

The Flas Ltd. hereby declares that only requires information’s directly and obligatory needed to proceed and deliver your order. The previously given information, except your email address are able to be changed at the website at any time. Your email address is only able to be changed by signing up with another email address.

The data management is coordinated according to the equal and precisely described statement approved by our consumers, in which statement we declare the exact approval of the usage of your personal data for the previously mentioned reasons.

The legal base of data management according to the 5. § (1). , point a.)  Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information is the volunteer approval of the affected person (the customer or the registered user). The approval of the affected person is given by the usage of the Webshop, with signing up, and throughout giving the vexed personal data when needed.


3.) Newsletter


The devergo.com website reserves the right to send a newsletter on a regular basis.

The newsletter includes information about the sales, and other relevant information according to the webshop.

Costumers are able to resign of the newsletter.


4.) Method of order


When browsing and searching on devergo.hu it is not required to be a registered customer to be able to put goods into you're shopping cart.

The registration itself do not obligate the user to order.

To proceed the order it is necessary to give the required personal data. The goods put in the shopping cart without registration are able to be ordered after giving the required obligatory data.

Those consumers who have already registered are also able to browse and search without signing in, the shopping cart is being saved by the system. After signing in, the previously given data shows up and you only need to approve and confirm the order. The customer is also able to modify the given personal data at that point.

The costumer is able to click and view the content and the actual price of the shopping cart at any time. All of the items stay in the shopping cart until the costumer delete is or order it, or until the certain item is available and is in storage. In this case, the item disappears not just from your cart but from the whole web shop.

The content of the cart could be checked, modified or ordered at any time.

After monitoring the content of the shopping cart, please click not he „Check out” button. If you have already registered, please click on ‘Continue’. If you have not registered yet on our website, please register. The following step is to choose the way of delivery.

Data obligatory to be given to order and to deliver:

In case you have previously ordered from us, your billing and delivery information are being filled out automatically.

The costumer is able the check his detailed order right before proceeding the order.

The costumer receives a confirmation email after successful order procession within a few minutes from finishing the order method.


5.) Prices and payment


1.) Prices

Prices in store, catalogue and online may vary.

Devergo reserves the right to change the prices of any product at any time, not affecting any of the already placed orders.

All prices stated and appearing on the website of devergo.com are given in Forints, and does include the 27% of VAT.

The delivery cost adds up automatically when checking your shopping cart, except when a free delivery promotion is available.

2.) Payment

You can pay for your goods in various ways as set out below.

On devergo.com our customers are able to choose from the following payment methods:

Payment after delivery

Payment before delivery

Our bank-account number: Flas Ltd. IBAN Number: CIB BANK ZRt. HU66 10702019 43861107 50200009

If you are not able to proceed the payment within 1 day, we must  delete your order!

The online paying method and transactions are getting proceeded throughout the terminal of the CIB Bank, independent from which banks terminal does the customer uses.

It is stated on the website of the bank which credit card types are acceptable.

When giving the credit card information please write down the card number stated on the front of your credit card.Please also give the date of expire given on the card.The bank also requires you to give the three digit conformational code from the back of the card.

You are going to be notified by the CIB Bank whether the payment was successful.

Please note that devergo.com reserves the right to send payment requests to your email address.


7.) Delivery


The prices displayed on the Devergo Webshop website include the statutory Value Added Tax ( VAT in the followings) but not include the delivery charge.The VAT is 27% of the regular price.

The delivery fee adds up to your total automatically except when there is a free delivery promotion available.

The delivery charge depends on the weight of the parcel.If we are unable to deliver your order in full, according to any circumstances, and have to make more than one delivery, there is going to be no extra charge for the subsequent deliveries.


If you have proceeded your order on workdays until 12.00, and the good is available, your package is being given to delivery on the exact day. Orders proceeded on days that are not workday or orders arriving on weekend are being processed on the following workday.

In any case when the procession of the order is not possible our customer service will get in touch with you via telephone or email for additional check-up. The delivery is being proceeded on workdays between 8 o’clock and 17 o’clock, therefore we are pleased if you give an address where you are able to take over your package during daytime.

In case of the  courier cannot deliver the package, he leaves a notification and tries to repeat the delivery in another appotintement.After two unsuccessful delivery attempt the package is being retaken to the Devergo Headquarters.

If the package is damaged, the costumer must take advantage that the goods are not damaged. In case the item purportedly got damaged on the behalf of Devergo, we guarantee a 14 days long change. In this case the courier must write a protocol of the case. 

The delay of the delivery or the total miscarriage of the delivery the devergo.com website is not liable for.

You can choose from the following ways of delivery from the list set out below:


8.) Withdrawal of the Order


You may cancel or return your order from the date you place the order until 14 days after receipt of the ordered items. If you have been charged for the items, you will receive a refund which will include Devergo’s standard delivery costs. Should you choose to keep certain items and only partially cancel your order, the delivery costs will not be refunded. Devergo therefore declares to send you your new parcel with 14 days.

If you wish to return any of your ordered goods, please provide us with a notice in writing, preferably using the pre-printed return form previously included in your parcel or by sending a letter to the Diverge customer service, by email or via online chat, or by filling issued by your local Consumer Right Authority: and return the items set out in section 9 (Returns) below the 28 day period set forth in section 7 above. We will provide a refund attempting the same payment method used to make the payment as soon as possible and at the latest within 14 days of receiving your notice of cancellation, provided we have received the items or evidence of you having sent back the items.

If the item you have received is defected lease notify Devergo promptly and return the item in accordance with section 9 (Returns) below. Devergo will, for any products deemed defective, provide a full refund including the delivery costs. The provisions set forth herein do not limit any applicable statutory rights.

Devergo hereby declares to send an email as soon as your returned parcel has arrived to our HQ, with the correctly full. Filled return form included.

The consumer is liable to testify that he has practiced the right of withdrawal correctly.

Devergo reserves the right of not accepting any return or withdrawal without the correct form of return-documents and receipt, and the non-damaged original packaging.

In any case of experiencing the injury of any consumer rights, the consumer has the right to make a complaint at the territorial consumer authority. After judging the complaint, the authority decide how to continue the method of the process.


9.) Returns


Devergo guarantees a full refund of items in accordance with section 8 (Withdrawal of Order), provided that all items are returned in the same condition they were upon your receipt. This means that the items should not have been damaged, washed, soiled, altered or worn (other than to try the item on) and that all labels or tags are intact.

Each and every parcel of ours contain a pre-printed Return form to use in case you decide to return any of the purchased items.

You are going to be refunded the same way of payment that you used when purchasing your goods.

Hereinafter devergo.com do not take itself responsible for damages, problems in the payment or delays etc. raising from incorrectly given or expired data.


10.) Our liability


Nothing in these Terms shall exclude or limit Devergo’s liability with regard to any matter for which it would be unlawful limit or exclude our liability.

Devergo is not responsible for indirect losses which are side effect of therein damage such as loss of profits or loss of any opportunity, or for failure to deliver the goods or to meet any other obligations under these Terms were such such failure that are due to an event that is beyond our reasonable control, which includes but is not limited to fire, flood, storm, civil disturbance, nuclear accident or terrorist activity.

Our maximum liability to you for any of your losses according to purchasing from devergo.com is limited to the total price of your order.


11.) Dispute resolution and problem solving


If you have any problems with the product that you have purchased from devergo.com online, and you are not able to settle the complaint with Devergo, than you may submit your complaint to the EU’s online dispute resolution platform (the ODR Platform).

The ODR platform offers consumers and traders within EU countries the possibility to try and reach an out-of-court settlement for the complaints arising from online purchasing r the usage of webshop.This single entry point is designed be a user-friendly and interactive website, available in all EU official languages (all languages that are official languages of any EU member countries) and is free of charge. Using the platform the consumer and the trader are able to find a dispute resolution body and the go through the process of finding the most suitable solution to the consumer’s complaint. The ODR platform is available here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr .


12.) Guarantee


If there are any defects in the purchased goods, Devergo abides by all statutory guarantee regulations. If you have any complaints regarding to the quality, or manufacturing faults in goods that we have produced, including damage incurred in transit, please let us know by returning the good(s) to us without any delay including the pre-printed return form we have previously sent to you (also available on our website).


13.) Severance

If any of these Terms is disallowed or found to be ineffective by any court or regulator, the other Terms shall continue to apply.


14.) Ownership of Rights


All intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and copyrights at devergo.com remind with Flas Ltd. Hungary and its subsidiaries or licensors. Any use without permission of devergo.com or its contents, including copying or storing such content in whole or a part, other than for your own personal or non-commercial use is prohibited.


15.) Corporate information


Owner of the devergo.com Webshop: Flas Ltd.

Headquarters: 6. Csikós St, Budapest, 1033 Hungary

Telephone: + 36 30 233-3921

Fax: 06-1-2990112

E-mail address: webshop@devergo.com

Data management ID: NAIH-65018/2013.

Tax number: 10794177-2-41

Company register ID: 01-09-169595


The Devergo Webshop reserves the right to change or modify the Terms in whole or in a part, and the modification lives from the very moment of sublimating it in advance of transparency. The Terms and Conditions exist and is valid until the Webshop is running and being maintained.

The devergo.com Webshop reserves the right of changing the prices, although the changes do not affect any of the previously placed order.